Thanks for another great year! Keep an eye open for info on Cross Town's next production!

Felix Finds Christmas

 “A Christmas Musical for Children about the true meaning of Christmas and God’s heart for adoption!”

Cross Town Impact is a Non-Profit Christian Charity that works with the children and youth in the Brockville and surrounding area. We are excited to present the free kid’s musical, “Felix Finds Christmas.”

As an orphan, Felix can’t help but long for a family to call his own — especially during the Christmas season. Join him and his friends at the orphanage as they gear up for a Christmas musical extravaganza and discover that because of the miraculous birth of Jesus, every person has a place to belong in His family.

Felix Finds Christmas combines a set of crazy-fun songs and a comical yet touching drama with God’s word. At its core, this entertaining and poignant musical shares the undeniable truth that we are adopted into the family of God because of Jesus Christ coming to earth to save us all.

This musical, directed by Kimberly Cosgrove and Niki Houldcroft provides the perfect opportunity to bring your friends and family out for what promises to be a very special time. Please encourage your friends and family to make a special effort to see “FELIX FINDS CHRISTMAS”

Greg & Niki Houldcroft

Details You Should Know

Unfortunately, this production has already passed. 

Please keep an eye out for news about Cross Town's next dramatic production!

Thankyou to everyone involved for your support of both this production, and Cross Town Impact's vital ministry. If you would like more information on this, or other ministries Cross Town Impact is involved in, feel free to reach out to us on our contact page!