What is BYC?

The Brockville Youth Collective (BYC) is a community resolved, missional youth group with a kingdom mindset. Partnering with Cross Town Impact, BYC is about fostering and creating atmospheres where students can engage in real-life relationships, have real-life conversations, and tackle the real-life issues they face every day. This vision is walked out in weekly & seasonal youth events in the City of Brockville. So if you or someone you know, are between Grades 6-12 and interested in being a part of something more, we’d love to connect with you!

What to Expect:

Showing up on a Thursday night, you’ll immediately be welcomed by a friendly group of students and volunteers who are eager to get to know you.

We begin each night by just hanging out with each other- how did your week go? what was good about it? We even play a bunch of games. From there, we dive into our current series discussion, and talk about the things that matter- life, faith, relationships, family, and everything in-between. To finish, we like to kick back, enjoy the night, and share in some delicious food together

The Details:

Thursday Evenings (6:00pm – 7:30pm)
Currently, Brockville Youth Collective is meeting in the Brockville Hardy Park Pavilion.

Although our schedule is flexible, and every week is full of fun new surprises, you can take a look below at what an average BYC Thursday night looks like.

6:00pm — Gathering
6:30pm — Music
6:45pm — Message
7:00pm — Activity/Game
7:30pm — Go Home


What Else?

In addition to Thursday night gatherings, Brockville Youth Collective is proud to partner with Cross Town Impact to offer several engaging trips for the Brockville Youth community. In the past, we’ve done camping trips, youth conferences, Church Lock-Ins and more, with many of these trips being at little or no cost to you! If you’re interested in learning more about our BYC trips and events, we’d love for you to take a look at our spotlight page here: BYC Trips