What is the "Be The Change" Initiative?

What started as a creative project in Cross Town’s office, evolved into something much greater. Our founder handcrafted 100 necklaces by pounding pennies 500 times, dimpling them with a hammer and hand stamping "Be The Change" into each one. These simple necklaces inscribed with a message of hope and meaning have now touched hundreds of lives and have even spread outside of the walls of Brockville.

With Covid-19 isolation, we decided we wanted to do something special to support the 100+ Impact Zone children and their families this summer. We arranged to visit every home, hand delivering one of these necklaces and a gift bag to each child . We spoke a blessing over each child’s life, encouraging them to continue practicing what they learned at the Impact Zone, and to keep being a change in the lives of their family, friends and community. Along with this, we brought a professional photographer and offered a free photo shoot to each family. What started as a simple idea in the mind of our founder ended up inspiring a summer long project that united families and inspired youth to change their world.


If you'd like to be involved in our "Be The Change" Initiative, we'd love for you to check out our Etsy store where you can purchase a necklace for yourself or a loved one. All proceeds go towards Cross Town Impact and our mission to change the world around us.